Teenagers and young adults (TYAs) diagnosed with cancer often find themselves too old for children’s services but among the youngest in adult services. Funding won by Dr Jamie Dean with co applicants Dr Catarina Veiga and Dr Lisa Whittaker from the Beacon Bursary at UCL has allowed the RadNet Researchers to build on the public engagement project, Radiation Reveal, which highlights that less is known about radiotherapy compared to other cancer treatments and that TYAs highly value but often lack peer support.

The aim of this special series of 6 podcast episodes has brought together researchers and patients to chat, share and ask questions, raising awareness of the experience of being young and diagnosed with cancer and to raise awareness of radiotherapy and radiation research. The podcast has released its first 3 episodes:

Episode 1 – RadNet Researcher Jamie Dean and Jesse Tristram who was diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma in 2021
Episode 2 – RadNet PhD student Patrycja Lewandowska and a young woman, Michaela Vladykova, who has had Hodgkins Lymphoma
Episode 3 – RadNet PhD student Amanda Webster and Elly Hall who has had Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Available at https://radchat.transistor.fm/episodes  the final 3 episodes will be released in October/November 2023. 

Also check out our videos which were made to promote on social media https://twitter.com/rad__chat