Patient Involvement and Public Engagement

Find out how we’re using public engagement to improve patient outcomes, bridging the gap between our research and the wider scientific communities.

Alongside research and education, public engagement is essential for modernising and transforming research. Engaging with and learning from public audiences aids in training the next generation of researchers and clinicians, and helps inform the wider medical and scientific community.

By involving patients and embracing their insight through online or face-to-face events and activities, we can push boundaries and level up standards, increase clinical trial recruitment, and improve clinical practices.

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Public Engagement Committees

The Core Committee manages RadNet City of London’s strategy and activities within both public engagement (PE) and patient and public involvement (PPI). The committee aims to engage with members of the general public and patients in discussions around radiotherapy to:

  • Determine public perceptions of radiotherapy
  • Support the public to make informed decisions about radiotherapy
  • Inform how we design therapies, particularly with regards to radiation oncology for children and novel radiation therapies
  • Understand mental health issues that arise in patients receiving radiotherapy
  • Disseminate cutting edge radiation research carried out using novel and targeted methods to communicate the themes and messages above

Beyond our Core PE Committee, we also have a wider PE Advisory Committee, which meets every two months to review our public engagement strategy.

Core Public Engagement Committee

  • RadNet Academic Public Engagement Lead and KCL Senior Lecturer:
    Dr Samantha Terry
  • UCL Public Engagement Manager: Simon Watts
  • KCL Public Engagement Manager: Alice Taylor-Gee
  • UCL Communications and Marketing Manager: Zoë Öhman
  • RadNet City of London Project Manager: Michelle Craft

Beyond our Core PE Committee, we also have a wider Public Engagement Advisory Committee, which meets every two months to review our public engagement strategy. 

Public Engagement Advisory Committee

Name Job Title Institution
Samantha Terry Academic Public Engagement Lead, Lecturer King’s College London
Alice Taylor-Gee

Public Engagement Manager

King’s College London

Catarina Veiga

Senior Research Fellow University College London
Simon Watts Public Engagement Manager University College London
Sarah-Anne Martin

Reader, Cancer Research UK Barts Centre Deputy Centre Lead, Group Leader

Queen Mary University of London
Sarah Barnes

Public Engagement Manager

Queen Mary University of London
Erik Sahai

Tumour Cell Biology Group Leader

Francis Crick Institute

Hana Dethlefsen

Exhibitions Manager Francis Crick Institute
Zoe Ohman

Communications & Marketing Manager

University College London
Michelle Craft

RadNet City of London Project Manager

University College London

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