The CRUK RadNet City of London’s governance structure was created to help the centre become a leader in the field of personalised radiotherapy.

The Radiation Research Unit is overseen by the CRUK RadNet City of London Executive Board, which is comprised of a group of senior academics and clinical scientists who represent CRUK RadNet City of London’s theme leads and collaborative institutions.

The board provides high-level strategy, decision-making and support to orchestrate the programme’s infrastructure building and recruitment of expert radiation clinicians and academic scientists.

Executive Board

Research Committee

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Public Engagement Core Committee

  • Academic Public Engagement Lead and KCL Senior Lecturer: Dr Samantha Terry
  • UCL Public Engagement Manager: Simon Watts
  • KCL Public Engagement Manager: Alice Taylor-Gee
  • Crick Public Engagement Officer: Cristina Vidal Franco
  • RadNet city of London PPIE co-ordinator: Lisa Whittaker
  • RadNet City of London Project Manager: Hafiza Bibi

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