About CRUK RadNet City of London

CRUK RadNet City of London is a major national and international radiation research hub that optimises radiotherapy treatments. Stemmed from the CRUK City of London Major Centre, it is also one of CRUK RadNet’s seven radiation research centres of excellence across the UK.

By bringing together researchers from multiple disciplines, including cancer biology, medical physics, imaging, computation and radio-immunotherapy, CRUK RadNet City of London aims to make radiotherapy a more effective treatment for cancer.

To achieve this, it will research the underlying biology, refine approaches to treatment, and explore the best ways to combine radiotherapy with other treatments. Research leaders are drawn from across the four main supporting organisations and their partner hospitals, and united by the same goal: the advancement of radiotherapy research.

CRUK RadNet City of London was established in November 2019. It has created several new fellowship positions and PhD studentships to train, mentor and equip the next generation of basic and clinician scientists in the field of radiotherapy, many of which are underway.


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