CRUK RadNet City of London Seminar Series #11

28th October 2021 at 2:00 – 3:00pm BST

Hosted by Dr. Aleksandra Vancevska, postdoctoral research fellow in the DSB Repair Metabolism Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute, we will have a seminar talk on ‘Targeting the biological response to radiobiological hypoxia’ with guest speaker, Prof. Ester Hammond, from the Department of Oncology Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford.

About our speaker:

Ester Hammond is the Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology at the University of Oxford and leads the Tumour Hypoxia research group.

She is interested in improving the effectiveness of cancer therapy by targeting the hypoxic part of tumours. Backed by literature, most solid tumours have regions of hypoxia, which makes hypoxic tumours more resistant to both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as being more likely to spread and are therefore the most aggressive and hardest to treat.

Ester completed her PhD at the School for Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham then accepted a post as a postdoctoral fellow within the Molecular Oncology Group at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine before moving to the USA to join the Department of Radiation Oncology at Stanford University, first as a postdoctoral fellow then a research associate.

She joined the Oxford Institute in 2007.

To watch the seminar, please click here.