Dr Simon Boulton (Francis Crick Institute) and Prof Maria Hawkins (UCL) have recently been announced the new co-leads for this radiation research unit (RRU).

From its inception, Tariq Enver led CRUK RadNet City of London as an interim lead to be the modern and holistic multi-institutional network that we know today. Now well established, we have successfully sought new leadership internally and appointed Simon Boulton as director and lead for CRUK RadNet City of London Radiation Biology and Maria Hawkins as lead for CRUK RadNet City of London Radiation Oncology, who will ensure the clinical translation of the RRU across the population base that UCL and King’s Health partners serve. With both at the helm, we are confident that our RRU will be in great hands and have an exciting future ahead of it.

“This is an exciting time for radiation research in the UK” says Simon Boulton. “I am looking forward to working with Maria and the many groups that constitute CRUK RadNet City of London to improve radiation treatments for the benefit of cancer patients.”

Maria Hawkins also comments, “I am proud and honoured to be in this position and working with Simon. I will seek to harness the strengths of CRUK RadNet City of London to have impact on scientific knowledge generation and training the next leaders in radiation oncology. We aim to achieve academic excellence and foster convergence across the disciplines to make scientific discoveries that will transform future radiation treatments in clinic.”

We welcome this new phase and believe that through the continuation of training and mentorship, we will be able to successfully develop the next generation of scientists and lay the foundations to further strengthen our RRU; all with a view to attract further funding to grow our radiation research activity.

Alongside our leadership appointments, we have recruited a host of early investigators, proton beam scientists, technicians and students. With our existing expertise, they have already made significant progress with our key scientific aims to help propel CRUK RadNet City of London to make remarkable radiation research discoveries for patient benefit.